Action Board

Vision Board Isabel.pngThat time of the year, again! New Year, new resolutions full on new challenges!

It is coming and forces you to have a moment to reflect on the important things in life, where, who and what is important to you.

Whenever it feels right, your vision board must have whatever inspires and motivates you.

Vision Boards help to focus on our Goals. It´s like making a mental inventory about what you really want.

The relevant reasons for designing an action board are to make us work towards our goals.

Apparently looks for dreaming or contemplation however the objective at this point is to improve a life balance in direction of goals.

I meant, just because looks a dream quit is never an option!

The Vision Board is like a mental workout taking it to an Action Zone.

Visualizing something that makes us feel passionate really helps to believe and focus on the plan. Improving as much as possible and make this ride enjoyable.

The support of a Vision Board is to create a daily routine for productivity, like creating a daily routine to Study to pass CIMA exams.

My Vision Board has CIMA Qualification on it, improving my chances of passing exams, strictly following the study planner and make a step ahead are my action resolutions for 2018.

Happy New Year to all CIMA dreamers XXX

CimaRocks XXX


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