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Action Board

Vision Board Isabel.pngThat time of the year, again! New Year, new resolutions full on new challenges!

It is coming and forces you to have a moment to reflect on the important things in life, where, who and what is important to you.

Whenever it feels right, your vision board must have whatever inspires and motivates you.

Vision Boards help to focus on our Goals. It´s like making a mental inventory about what you really want.

The relevant reasons for designing an action board are to make us work towards our goals.

Apparently looks for dreaming or contemplation however the objective at this point is to improve a life balance in direction of goals.

I meant, just because looks a dream quit is never an option!

The Vision Board is like a mental workout taking it to an Action Zone.

Visualizing something that makes us feel passionate really helps to believe and focus on the plan. Improving as much as possible and make this ride enjoyable.

The support of a Vision Board is to create a daily routine for productivity, like creating a daily routine to Study to pass CIMA exams.

My Vision Board has CIMA Qualification on it, improving my chances of passing exams, strictly following the study planner and make a step ahead are my action resolutions for 2018.

Happy New Year to all CIMA dreamers XXX

CimaRocks XXX


Elephants Never Forget’


I might have a dream of swimming with those incredible creatures, however for now I just whished their behaviour. These largest land mammals on earth have proven their long memories lie on their behaviour.

My fellow study colleagues must agree that memorizing high volume of information required for each exam can sometimes be a big challenge. I really mean those little pesky formulations where there’s nothing to understand but just to formulate and then abracadabra!

There are easy marks to gain for easy formulations however, we all need elephant great memories for pass marks.

I recently found myself stick to caffeine (coffee ONLY, other drugs are illegal! I’m a good daughter!) to keep me awake and believing that was enough. Well, it was for the Certificate level however, looks like I need some Memory Boost for the Professional level (I’m getting older!).

Everyone is different but I’m happy to share my tips to boost your memory… after a while they work for me:

Water and Brain Function – Drinking water and brain function are integrally linked they say. Lack of water can cause lack of focus, brain fatigue or brain fog, as well as headaches, sleeps issues, anger and depression. Scientific proved that water gives the brain the electrical energy for all brain functions, including thought and memory processes.

They clearly advise, when your brain is functioning on a full reserve of water, you will be able to think faster, be more focused, and experience greater clarity and creativity.

Healthy Food: a quick roundup, this list of foods included in your daily diet will help you boost your memory: Avocados, blueberries, broccoli, coconut, Dark chocolate (Kilograms please), eggs, olive oil, salmon, celery, spinach walnuts and Tumeric.

My FAV is really this amazing Tummeric drink (Instantly Golden Turmeric Latte – The original Golden Mylk ® blend) definitely giving me at least energy you can buy it from Planet Organic (


Consistent Walks or frequent exercise is been proven that can boost your memory and brain power.

Speak out loud – reading hours can be sleepy easy go but if you try to speak out loud can help you to remember better.

Rewarding yourself with a TREAT – Wine Pizza and Popcorns are my excuses 🙂

Create a mindmap – it’s all about practise but after you’re into it it’s just so much easier.

The Mind Map Book from Tony Buzan was very helpful a few years ago available at (

Diagrams – Draw as much as you can, believe your artist self. Visual information is much easier to recall.

App Access Denied or Blocking distract sites will improve your focus for long hours.


Read real examples, real scenarios help to remember and understand complex chapters. FM magazine, Velocity, CimaConnect and Tedx videos are a great source.


Learn to learn

Practice makes it Perfect

Stay Confident!



Holidays are the most perfect time of the year for a student and of course, perfect to start hanging out all the time and forget about the existence of studies!

For CIMA students, studies and all that hard revision are associated with constant stress and tight deadlines.

So why should you keep studying and make it more enjoyable?

I can play my own Boss: Yeah, we all need to adapt ourselves through CIMA syllabus, time to do it when and how I want.

I don’t have to rush anymore: I create my own schedule –  when and what to study. No more study guide or stuDy buddy.

No classroom or starbucks: Now the best way to concentrate is really behind the yellow sun hat and that relaxed feeling from my sandy feets to my salty hair. Lemonade is my favourite fresh cocktail to keep me trough my readings.

Many breaks as I want: They say it’s much easier to study with a lot of short breaks. Soooooo, combining activities, something fun like catching some waves, memory beach selfies, endless sunsets and obviously ICE CREAM. I get distracted for a while, but is good motivation to keep on studying.

I can set realistic Goals: Free time means clear mind <—-‘_’—->. There’s no need to push limits and set unreasonable goals. Planning the next study steps with fresh and clear mind feels much better.

Stick to easy readings: Easy notes, revision kits, diagrams to mind mapping, financial magazines there’s an unlimited easy list to make it light and enjoyable.

The benefits to keep you motivated and ready to face the next exam are real. Keep studying.

CimaRoCks XXX



Financial Management Magazine

Yesss!!! You’re allowed to have study break 🙂

I’m a Magazine Lover since my child age and CIMA offers FM – Financial Management magazine for all members and students.

The magazine is tottally smart structured covering the most advanced, tecnological and financial hits of the moment. It comes out once per month.

Unlike having a single news feed that mashes everything together, FM separates feed by Inform, Features, Resources and Regular articles.

The Inform Section literally covers the last Financial and Management news:

Digest – you can find here latest news and trends from the financial management profession.

Must Read  articles.

Thinking – articles covering specific and detailed areas of interest.

The data – More technical articles.

Features Section is one of my favourite, you can go through real deals or experiences directly from the high professionals working in the field.

Resource is in fact my first section to read. You have study notes directly from examiners and also Tech notes (yes very useful for your day to day job). There’s also a subsection here including some good mastercouses and debriefs about last techniques used out there in the market.

Here you also find news from our Global CIMA and their members.

Regular article – Words of wisdom from our institute’s president Andrew Miskin. I do like is humor :).

Soooooooooo, no excuse… Refresh your reading skills and expand vocabulary…




Cima Value

The Professional Qualification focuses on employability, future generation of management accounts.

The qualification meets the needs of both business and people.

Passing exams is a  demonstration to employers of knowledge, competencies and skills of a Chartered Management Accountant (CGMA).

Unleash your potential with CIMA, I strongly believe this build our careers as accounts of the future.

Embrace the challenge…



Cima Structure

Very happy to get my Certificate level. Therefore my trip begins now towards the Operational Level…

Do you know where you are going?

Which level are you sitting?

Growing with CIMA will need you to be aware of all steps you need to take to achieve the qualification.

Planning your steps are your passport to win…

Don’t get scared! Kepp it up…



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